2021 VPCMA Bills

House Bills

HB 1879 Alcoholic beverage control; sale and delivery of mixed beverages and pre-mixed wine.
HB 1880 Illegal gambling; skill games, temporary exemption for truck stops.
HB 1886 Electronic titling; fleet.
HB 1919 Local green banks.
HB 1925 Virginia Brownfield and Coal Mine Renewable Energy Grant Fund and Program; handbook.
HB 1939 Food and beverage tax; single-serving salads, definition of "single-serving."
HB 1979 Electric vehicle rebate program; creation and funding, report.
HB 2016 Paid family and medical leave program.
HB 2118 Electric Vehicle Grant Fund and Program; creation, report.
HB 2227 Uniform Statewide Building Code; amendments; energy efficiency and conservation.
HB 2251 Emergency Services and Disaster Law; Commissioner of Health; emergency orders and regulations.
HB 2266 Alcoholic beverage control; local outdoor refreshment areas.
HB 2270 Minimum wage; effective dates of scheduled increases; emergency.
HB 2275 Food and drink permit requirements.
HB 2168 Illegal gambling; skill games, enforcement by localities and Attorney General, civil penalty.
HB 2282 State Corporation Commission; transportation electrification; utility recovery of certain costs.
HB 2330 Percentage of Income Payment Program and Fund; DHCD & DSS to adopt rules, etc., for adoption.


Senate Bills

SB 1177 Public weighmasters; license.
 SB 1362 Employers; reporting outbreaks of COVID-19; emergency.
SB 1375 Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for COVID-19.
SB 1374 Carbon Sequestration Task Force; report.
SB 1407 Regulating electronic gaming devices; penalties.