2020 VAPGA Bills

House Bills

HB 75 Electric utilities; electric school bus pilot program. 
HB 77 Green New Deal Act; fossil fuel projects moratorium, clean energy mandates, civil penalties. 
HB 170 Commercial motor vehicles; use of specific global positioning systems.
HB 416 Wage or salary history; inquiries prohibited, civil penalty. 
HB 418 Earned sick leave for employees; civil penalties. 
HB 433 Minimum wage.
HB 461 Renewable energy property tax credit. 
HB 511 Electric vehicle charging stations; operation by state agencies.
HB 525 Greenhouse gas inventory.
HB 547 Virginia Energy and Economy Transition Council; established, report. 
HB 572 Distributed renewable energy. 
HB 575 Electric utilities; energy efficiency programs; stakeholder process. 
 HB 615 Minimum wage. 
 HB 633 Energy saving products; tax deduction. 
 HB 825 Paid family and medical leave program. 
 HB 868 Electric utilities; right to shop. 
 HB 969 Electric utility regulation; initial triennial review, requirements. 
 HB 981 Clean Energy and Community Flood Preparedness Act; fund. 
 HB 1016 Offshore energy resources; moratorium on offshore oil and gas development. 
 HB 1030 Electric utility regulation; pilot program for undergrounding electrical transmission lines. 
 HB 1140 Clean School Bus Grant Fund and Program; establishment. 
HB 1152 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; Energy Efficiency Fund. 
HB 1576 Electric utility regulation; energy efficiency programs, industrial customers. 
HB 1628 Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; prohibition on participation by Commonwealth. 
HB 1629 Regional transportation sector emissions programs; participation by Commonwealth. 
HB 1647 Electric utility regulation; third-party sales agreements, public generating facilities. 
HB 1656 Electric utilities; incentive programs for low-income customers. 
HB 1677 Electric utility regulation; retail customer choice. 
HB 1684 Public and private employers; earned paid sick time for employees. 


Senate Bills

SB 7 Minimum wage; increases to $10 per hour effective July 1, 2020. 
SB 94 Virginia Energy Plan; relating to the Commonwealth Energy Policy. 
SB 290 Commercial driver's licenses; entry-level driver training. 
SB 354 Electric utility regulation; energy efficiency standard. 
SB 481 Employees; earned sick leave, civil penalties. 
SB 504 Virginia Energy Plan; covenants regarding solar power; reasonable restrictions. 
SB 527 Virginia Commercial Driver's License Act; intent and purpose. 
SB 549 Nuclear energy; strategic plan. 
SB 719 Virginia Minimum Wage Act; exclusions. 
SB 816 Minimum wage. 
SB 963 Commonwealth Efficient and Resilient Buildings Board; establishes. 
SB 988 Electric utilities; electric school bus projects. 
SB 992 Carbon trading program; allocation of allowances, new facility.